SPORTS; Fostering Siblings connection

Some of my most valuable memories are those I shared with my siblings while we played some of our favorite sports. The bond between my siblings and I are strengthened when we play, smile, get injured, disagree and sweat “it” out. I won’t trade it for anything!

The fact that siblings can grow physically, emotionally and even mentally while playing games is absolutely magical and a memory that is worth storing in their mental archives.

Truth is, when siblings grow up, there will be virtually no time to play together and build the foundation bonds that will be needed for the rest of their lifetime.

No doubt, there are parents that frown at siblings playing games, with the mindset that it’s a complete waste of time. “Why not read your books instead playing games”; parents will scream.

But if all parents frowned at siblings playing games then the likes of the famous “William Sisters” of Tennis and “Klitschko Brothers” of Boxing wouldn’t have existed!

It’s during sporting activities that siblings get to put a lot of the soft skills they have learnt to the test. Their leadership skills, collaboration, empathy as well as their Intelligent quotient are exercised and groomed.

Of course, sporting activities amongst siblings isn’t a smooth ride; there will always be friction; disagreements, hostility, quarrels, injuries and so on. In the spirit of sportsmanship, those “hard feelings” are pushed aside and replaced with strong cohesive bonds that validate the saying that “blood is thicker than water”.

In this way sport doesn’t just become an activity for recreation but a strategic activity for learning about each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Show me siblings who have strong magnetic attractions amongst themselves then I will show siblings who have tapped into the power on sporting activities.

In conclusion, growing siblings need a healthy dosage of sporting activities to give them the experience that will make the bonds formidable when the vicissitudes of adulthood come knocking.

Parents doesn’t have to stick to traditional games only, they can customize games for siblings and even get creative suggestions from siblings themselves.

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