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Everyone has a story to tell about their childhood experience especially growing up with siblings. Either as a first born, middle born or last born, there’s a bond that transcends from childhood to adolescence and even adulthood. This special bond contributes to the uniqueness in you as an individual.

As powerful as the bond among siblings is, the uniqueness of what makes it special is less celebrated in our society today. The remarkable importance of relationships among siblings creates strong family ties and values which are vital for making the world a better place for many generations.

Siblings Chronicles is a social platform where we establish and celebrate the wonderful association between siblings. We motivate siblings to understand and relate with each other’s personality and individuality so they can appreciate the joy and memories of growing together. We would be known as the first Siblings storytelling company giving you the opportunity to share your experience.

We have designed our contents to suit all generations of siblings. We are dedicated to work with sibling/families who stand for love, humanity and help re-enkindle broken relationship with siblings by promoting a lasting relationship.

At Siblings Chronicle, our goal is promoting a lifelong bond between siblings and celebrating good family values. This is a bond that extends beyond language and communication. We are committed to connecting siblings all over the world.

Together, we can remember the past to create a positive viewpoint for the present and inspire the future. Together, we can be better Siblings.

Meet the Founder

Joyce Olubunmi Onikosi, the Founder of Siblings Chronicles is a Communications Specialist and Multimedia Personality.

She earned her Masters Degree in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management from Cardiff University, Wales in the United Kingdom in 2012. She has a Bachelor Degrees in Linguistics from Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria, West Africa 2008 and a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) United Kingdom. She began her career as a TV Presenter/ Reporter in Nigeria Television Authority, the largest Television Network in Africa.

She researched into siblings’ stories as an online educational content because it is a very interesting niche nobody talks about worldwide. She promotes, encourages and inspires siblings around the world to break through the silence, unite and make a positive and lasting impact towards nurturing strong family ties through the power of Siblinghood.

Founder’s message

The journey to Siblinghood is an unending magical adventure. One of the reasons it is very important to cherish and document every moment at every phase of our journey is that the older you become, the more you discover the characters of your siblings. This should be, habits, character, temperament, ambition and dreams of your siblings.

Most times, the older siblings help the younger siblings in their journey to self-discovery and there is nothing quite like the love and the bond shared growing up together. The memories we create with our siblings remind us how intricately bound up we are in each other’s lives.

Nothing beats our wins, gains, goals, achievement, joy, family values and most importantly our childhood memories While our fights, pains, loss, disappointment, challenges, struggles together brings out the best in us, prepare us for all the life has to offer and equips us with life’s treasure to pass on to the next generation.

This platform is based on love and one of its mission is to strengthen the bond between siblings whilst inspiring the next generations of siblings. Remember making a world a better place starts from the family which is a vital cornerstone of the society.

Joyce Olubunmi Onikosi

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