Inside the mind of a last born

Being the last born in a long line of siblings comes with its very special perks and a feeling of invisibility which somehow makes you above the law. Depending on the number of older siblings you have and their personality, being the last born can also bring its fair share of mistreatment.

For those who don’t know what it feels like to be a last born, here is glimpse of what it feels like…

A Last born has a lot of privileges and may tend to be overpampered by the parents or even spoilt. Parents view their last child has a baby and treat them as such. In many cases, Parents are guilty of overcompensating the last born as they are perceived as fragile which isn’t always true.

While most first born are cautious, saddled with the responsibility of being the role model by acting right and looking after the younger ones, the last-born roams in a world where none of the designed rules or laws apply. The Last born will easily get away with actions that would be deemed an offence if it was performed by any other child.

Growing up as the last child with untamed freedom was amazing. I was young and free; breaking rules without consideration of the consequences. Often times, the elder siblings are chastised for the “sins” of the last child. You know how it goes?

To take it a step further; the last born mostly get what they ask from their parents. Parents incline to prioritize the needs of the last born above any other child by default. Lastborn knows how to make demands that their Parents and even their elder siblings cannot resist. With the snap of a finger, they get their request plus “extras” which could make the lastborn a tad selfish

Being the parent’s choice may be a blessing but also a pain. There is a bittersweet feeling to the treatment the last born gets from the older siblings. There are times when the last born receives the wrath of the older siblings for taking all the care and attention from the parents and other relatives and there are also times when the last born is adored as the “Messiah” because he/she acts as the mediator between the parents and the older siblings and championing their course and requests to their parents.

Like in the game of Monopoly, the last born is often the “Get out of Jail free card” for the older siblings. When an offence is committed in the house by the older siblings and are in line for a deserved reprimand, having the last born as part of the guilty party usually softens the scolding because of the privilege given to the last born.

Imagine a scenario in which the last born approaches the livid parents with gentle, unsteady steps, hands clasped together like a “praying mantis”, pleading forgiveness on behalf of his/her siblings.

In conclusion, with these few points, hope you know what it feels like to be a last born and understand the privileges that is associated with being in the position in the family structure.

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